Motorist threatens to sue council if her car is damaged when new speed limit starts

A BMW motorist is so angry about her local council’s plans to make her borough a 20mph zone; she is threatening legal action because driving at such a low speed will damage the powerful engine on her expensive car.

Diane Greenwood is claiming her BMW, which cost her £25,000, is struggling  to cope at such low speeds and she is being forced to drive around in third gear, which is putting extra strain on the engine, not to mention creating more pollution. The car is protected by any driver car insurance and is driven by both Mr and Mrs Greenwood. The couple are just two of a growing campaign of motorists who are opposed to the plans which will apply to all residential streets.

Mrs Greenwood said: “I’ve been driving around this area for 30 years and seen speeds get slower and slower, and no-one’s been run over in that time. In fourth gear, my car tries to push to 22mph, so I have to change down to third, which uses more fuel and puts more of a strain on the car. I’m all in favour of 20mph limits outside schools, but the roads around here are nice and wide, so not only is it pointless but it actually negates what they’re trying to achieve. If anything happens to my car, I’m going to sue the council and force them to cover the costs.”

However, members of the ’20’s Plenty for Us’ campaign have dismissed Mrs Greenwood’s objections, saying if she is a BMW driver then she is not interested in the environment. They also point out that most drivers will only spend about half a mile of their journey on residential streets. According to the campaign’s figures a 20mph zone will cut casualties by 21% and increase journey time by less than one minute. In one Lancashire borough, a group of drivers are planning a 5mph go-slow protest to highlight what they feel will be a harmful effect on the environment.

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