Misleading parking signs are causing misery for drivers

A pensioner who was attending a Sunday church service in Salisbury was shocked to see he had received a £70 fine when he returned to his car and claims the sign in the car park was misleading.

Retired clinical psychologist Tony Miller parked in Castle Street car park at 5.50pm to go to the 6pm service with his wife Jane. The Wiltshire Council sign on the bay he parked in said Blue badge holders only, Mon-Sat, 8am- 6pm, 3 hours parking with no return within 3 hours of leaving. Tony Miller presumed that this meant anyone could use the parking bays outside of the hours stated but returned to find he had got a parking ticket for £70 which would be reduced to £35 if he paid it within two weeks. He is not happy as money is tight and he is due to look for a cheap motor insurance quote next month when he expects his premiums to increase.

Mr Miller was not the only one to be caught out by the parking signs on the same weekend. Kenneth Burgess, 80, parked in a nearby car park which had the same sign at 7.40 on Saturday morning. He also returned to find he had been issued with a £70 parking ticket. Both men decided to challenge the fines and following a chat with the local newspaper who contacted the council, both men were told the fines were being cancelled. The council did admit that the signs were new but claim that the wording on signs is standard across the country. The council will also cancel any other tickets that were issued in recent weeks.

Mr Burgess, a retired carpet fitter, said “There was no mention of Sundays on the sign. It was confusing. These enforcement officers are getting out of hand. I wouldn’t mind, but my wife actually has a blue badge, and I never use it when she’s not in the car because I wouldn’t take advantage of the system.”

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