Millions of Drivers admit they would Struggle to re-take Driving Test

It is a common belief among drivers that the longer you have been driving for the better you should be at it. Many people often blame young or inexperienced drivers for causing accidents on the road, including car insurance providers who generally charge higher premiums for these groups. However, it has now been revealed that many experienced drivers have admitted that if they had to take their driving test again they would struggle, or even fail.

The survey, conducted by the AA and Populus, not only revealed that nearly half of those asked thought they would fail at least one part of the driving test, but also that one in ten believe they wouldn’t pass their driving test at all. Discussing the findings, AA president Edmund King said: “It is alarming to think so many drivers out there think there is at least one aspect of driving that they would struggle to do to the standard required to pass a driving test.”

“Being able to manoeuvre correctly, making proper observations and keeping a safe distance and speed are all very important parts of driving safely. But this research and the latest series of Dangerous Drivers’ School shows just how many drivers out there are not keeping their skills up to date. Driving is a skill for life and, although it is easy to let bad habits form after your test, drivers should make sure their skills are being kept polished.”

The survey revealed that most people felt that they would fail the test due to parallel parking, with thirty-two per cent of women and sixteen per cent of men believing that if asked they probably couldn’t perform the manoeuvre correctly. On the other hand, men were more likely to admit that they would fail the driving test due to speeding than women, with nine per cent of men saying they do not drive at appropriate speeds compared to only five per cent of women. Even more shockingly is that eleven per cent of all those surveyed said that they would be “quite” or “very” unlikely to pass a re-test at all.

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