Men proved better at Driving Tests

It’s a controversial subject, and one that has sparked a thousand heated arguments between the two sexes. However, there is now a definitive answer to who are the better drivers, women or men, and it seems that the men have won – but only during their driving tests. According to a new survey, men are much less likely to make a major mistake during their driving test than women, with the Driving Standards Agency revealing last year women made 857,000 faults while men only made 646,000.

However, before the men celebrate too long the study went on to show that after a few years of experience women become better drivers than men. In general, women failed their driving tests due to manoeuvring faults such as failing to reverse park properly, incorrectly changing gears and steering badly. However, it seems that after passing their test women improve on these skills, while men tend to get worse. For men, it is more likely that they will fail their driving test for driving too fast or losing track on their speed, however if they do pass it seems this habit only gets worse.

A recent survey has shown that after passing their test women are on average twenty per cent safer on the road than men, which is why up until recently some car insurance providers offered cheaper premiums for women. Those that carried out the survey also found that women were 28 per cent less likely to drive and night and 12 per cent less likely to break the speed limit compared to men. The survey – which studied 154 million miles of travel – also showed that most of the time drivers are involved in accidents it is when they are less than a mile away from their own home.

Peculiarly, the research also found that those that skip breakfast in the morning are much more likely to get into an accident. During a driving simulation, those that had eaten breakfast performed 30 per cent more than those who hadn’t, showing that it’s always a good idea to have some food before you head out onto the road.

Rory Carlin from Halfords Autocentre (the company that commissioned the research) said: “Taking that extra few minutes to prepare for your journey in the morning can make all the difference and help make the roads safer for everyone. Whether going to work or travelling further afield, preparing yourself with a hearty breakfast could be just as important as making sure your car is prepared.”

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