Male drivers more stubborn than female

It’s a well-known stereotype that men are more stubborn than women, especially when they are behind the wheel of a car. There are countless jokes about men refusing to ask for directions even when they are lost, however there is actually a more serious side to this joke, especially as recent reports have shown that men’s stubbornness could lead to them being more dangerous on the road. Driving safety body the AA has recently offered two thousand free lessons to help those that need to brush up on their driving skills, however it has been found that only 22 per cent who have signed up are male.

To make matters worse, another study has shown that men are twice as likely to be involved in accident as women, which is why before December last year some car insurance providers offered cheaper quotes as they only covered female drivers. Discussing the figures, the director of the AA Edmund King said: “Drivers should not let pride get in the way of improving their skills. Everyone, no matter how long they have had their licence, can become a safer driver and we all have a responsibility to ensure our skills are up to date.”

“Males shouldn’t worry about their pride being dented as further driver training can reduce risk. There is nothing to lose from asking for help if there is an area of your driving you think could be improved. There is clearly a need for quality, qualified driver tuition. I have high hopes that our template will also allow other organisations to roll out similar initiatives worldwide and help improve road safety on an international scale.”

Another interesting piece of information which has come from this new AA scheme is that it has proven most popular among young drivers; in fact those aged between 21 and 25 were more likely to sign up than older drivers. This also highlights many people’s concerns that the current system in place for learner drivers is not teaching young people enough before they are allowed to drive alone.

There are currently petitions for learner drivers to be taught how to drive on motorways, at night and with distractions such as passengers so that they are safer once on the road. If these plans do pass we may see little need for refresher courses such as the AA’s in the future.

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