London is motor fine capital

A report into motoring fines by a leading online insurance company, revealed that there is a massive gap between regions on the amount of fines incurred.

The poll for the insurance company, Esure, consulted over 1000 of the UK’s motorists and the results show that London is far and away the capital city when it comes to fines for traffic offences.

The average London motorist can expect to hand out £680 to local authorities via motoring fines throughout his motoring life. Compare that to the conscientious drivers of Northern Ireland who will only pay out £90 in their lifetime. The motorists in North-East England came a distant second to Londoners, dishing out an average of £352 per person per life with drivers in the South-East coming in third on £303.

The poll split the fines into sexes as well and no surprise here with men averaging more than women £344 and £210 respectively. It is widely known that women usually get a cheaper motor insurance quote than men because they are seen as safer drivers, it would be interesting to know if insurance companies assess insurance on regional behaviour as well. If not, after this survey, perhaps they soon will.

A spokesman for the insurance company behind the poll observed “Owning and running a car in the UK can be very costly, particularly with rising fuel costs, and avoidable charges for driving offences only make this more expensive.

Offences such as speeding and using a mobile phone while driving not only add points to a motorist’s driving licence but are deemed offences for a reason. They are actions that put drivers and other road-users at risk.”

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