Locals not happy with the increase in traffic

Residents of Belthorn, a village in Lancashire, have suddenly found their village main street blighted with traffic problems as motorists look to avoid traffic lights on a nearby major road, and they are not at all happy about the situation.

The community claim that Belthorn Road is nothing more than a ‘rat run’ with motorists using the stretch to get to the Guide Junction of the M65 and avoid the traffic lights which were installed a few months ago. So far the suggestions put forward range from making the road one way, blocking the access at one end or reduce the speed limit to 20mph.The tailbacks through the village are now often half a mile long, with almost all of it being drivers trying to avoid the congestion. Locals are angry that drivers are showing no concern for the children walking to school and more often than not they are breaking the speed limit for the roads. Already minor incidents have led to local car owners seeing an increase in car insurance quotes and community leaders believe that unless action is taken quickly then there will be a major accident.

The area’s county councillor, Peter Britcliffe, said “The village became gridlocked during rush hour times because of the problem. There was already a slight problem with congestion at the school during peak times.

Now it is a thousand times worse because people are trying to avoid the traffic lights. I have had so many emails and calls from people in the village who want the road blocking off so it can’t be used as a short cut. The problem with that is some people who are not from Belthorn use Belthorn School, before heading to work so we have to think what will work best.”

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