Less than half of Scottish residents are ready for winter

Despite the ice age conditions of just a couple of years ago, residents throughout Scotland are still having to be advised to plan ahead and get ready for the coming winter after a recent survey revealed that only two fifths are prepared for the severe weather that will arrive in the coming weeks.

The research was conducted jointly by the British Red Cross and the Scottish Government, and it also highlights that the main worries for people living in Scotland were power cuts, being cut off from water supply, disruption to fuel supplies and not being able to use their car. It also revealed that 78% of car owners think they are doing enough to prepare for the cold weather by just having an ice-scraper and some de-icer in the vehicle, when it is just as important to make sure they are kept warm, fed and watered should the severe weather leave them stranded. Having motor insurance along with breakdown insurance is crucial for anyone who is involved in an accident in an isolated area.

At the launch of the “Ready for winter?” campaign, Minister for Transport, Keith Brown, said “Being prepared for winter and all kinds of severe weather is something we all need to take responsibility for. One of the key drivers behind this year’s campaign is to encourage everyone in Scotland to start thinking about how severe weather could impact them, at home, before setting out on journeys, in their communities, and at their place of work. We all know that Scotland’s weather can change quickly and this year we’ve already seen some people badly affected as floods and high-winds struck.”

The research shows that there is still work to be done in getting the message out. By thinking ahead, residents can be better prepared to deal with the consequences of severe weather. Last winter was the mildest in years, however many people in Scotland suffered hardship and inconvenience due to the winter weather. Drivers cannot legislate for the weather but they can make life easier for themselves if they take steps to prepare for it.

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