Lada classic on its last legs

It has been a very long time since anyone first got a motor insurance quote for a brand new Lada VAZ 2101, however it is only at the end of this year that the car will finally be pulled from the production line.

The car which was the butt of jokes in every corner of the UK in the late seventies and early eighties, first made its appearance on these shores around 1974; it was based entirely on the Fiat 124, an award winning design, with one telling difference. Due to an agreement between Italian and Russian Politicians the Lada version would be made from steel produced at the AvtoVaz steelworks in the USSR. It was not long before the Lada became known as the first biodegradable car. The poor quality steel used in the production of the cars soon displayed itself in the form of rust. In a predominantly wet country such as the UK the problem was intensified, and although the five door saloon was eminently financially affordable, motorists buying a Lada could not afford to have a “thin skin” the car was ridiculed at seemingly every opportunity.

The tightening up of emission laws saw the last Ladas imported into the UK before the dawn of the new century, but production carried on and customers in places like Egypt and Cuba both countries where rain and rust are not so commonplace can still purchase a new Lada Vaz to this day. The end of the 2101 is certainly not the end for Lada, immediately after the last 2101 rolls of the assembly line the new 2116 will go into production which may see a whole new generation of comedians find new material for their acts.

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