Insurance Companies Issue Advice on Winter Flooding

In the past month The Environment Agency have issued over two hundred flood warnings across the UK. So far, over eight hundred houses have been affected and councils have been forced to close roads across the Midlands and the South East. The vast majority of motor insurance companies are now issuing information on how to prevent flood damage to your motor vehicle, and also advising their clients what to do if they are affected.

Obviously, the most ideal situation for all motor vehicle owners is to prevent flood damage if possible. In order to do this, insurance companies are advising their customers to keep an eye out on weather reports and try to think of an area where they could potentially move their vehicles if their area is at risk of flooding. Moving motor vehicles to a higher ground such as the top of a hill or ridge will give customers a better chance of avoiding flood damage. They go on to suggest using car covers if finding an appropriate area to move your vehicle is not possible, and also using magazines and newspapers to weigh vehicles down if their customers are worried about them becoming unstable in flood torrents.

Unsurprisingly, insurance providers are mostly urging their customers to check their policies in order to ensure that they are adequately covered against flood damage. They are also advising customers that only have third party fire and theft policies to consider comprehensive cover if they are in at risk areas. Even if customers do have fully comprehensive insurance, they are warned that this could become void if the engine is turned on whilst water damaged. Instead, customers should call their insurance providers in order to have the car dried out by approved garages and mechanics. They ask that if any customers are in doubt then to call their provider immediately in order to save both time and money.

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