Increasing number of motorists choosing to leave their cars at home

Drivers throughout a Lancashire town are following other areas of the UK by giving up their vehicles due to petrol prices. A survey by local paper The Bolton News found motorists are either driving less or selling and switching to a cheaper form of transport.

The news confirms the recent report by breakdown company, Green Flag, whose own survey found two in ten drivers were taking their cars off the road. They also say there has been a 40% increase in fuel related breakdown call outs as motorists are trying to make their fuel go further by driving as far as possible despite the fuel tank showing empty. The problem looks set to get worse as fuel prices are showing no signs of going down in price, in fact they are more likely to increase. With the new law now in place which demands all vehicles need to be insured regardless of whether or not it is used, motorists are now selling their vehicle instead of not using it and keeping it in the garage. This way they can also save money by finding cheap car insurance.

Driver Brian Tonge from Farnworth said: “We have taken one car off the road and we are looking around for a more economical car to replace the one we are left with. We think twice before using the car now because of petrol prices. I have never been a fast driver, but I have noticed that other cars are driving slower these days, possibly to save on fuel.”

In Bolton, the highest price for unleaded is 143.9, with diesel at 148.9 and now Bolton MPs are calling on the Coalition Government to act quickly on fuel tax. When fuel prices went above £1, the former Labour Government was hammered by both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. However, with prices now heading towards £1.50 per litre the coalition are saying it has nothing to do with them.

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