Increasing number of accidents happening at dangerous blackspot

Villagers in West Norfolk are calling on the council to make improvements at an accident blackspot before fatalities occur. Residents in West Lynn and Clenchwarton are both demanding action is taken on a notorious junction after two more accidents.

Four people were taken to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a crash on the junction on Sunday afternoon, following on from another accident the day before when a Volvo and Toyota collided at 2pm. While no-one was hurt in the first incident, there was serious damage done to both cars meaning motor insurance details were exchanged and police were called to the scene. Norfolk County Council introduced a slip road to the junction after a safety assessment last autumn, but says further improvements will have to wait until spring next year at the earliest.

In fact local residents are calling for the slip road to be removed saying when there were just double white lines accidents were much less commonplace than the frequency of one accident a week that is happening at the moment. They want to see a six month closure of the slip road and close monitoring of the situation. A residents meeting is being held on Friday 10th August in The Pavilion in Hall Road at 7pm to agree a way forward.

County press officer, John Birchall, said “This junction has had a poor accident and casualty record for a number of years, which is why the layout was changed last year. After a safety audit further work was carried out to lengthen the left turn lane, and this appears to have helped reduce the number and severity of accidents. We are planning further improvement to segregate the left turning from the traffic continuing straight ahead, but this may have to wait until next year because the budget is fully committed.”

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