In theory just how many times can a person fail?

While most motorists dread the thought of having to renew their car insurance each year due to the monetary repercussions, one lady in Essex would be only too pleased to fork out for a motor insurance policy but has unfortunately just failed her driving theory test for the 105th time.

According to the Driving Standards Agency the lady failed her latest test in Ilford and easily holds the record for the number of theory tests failed by one person. At £31 per test it is quite easy to see that if she had passed reasonably quickly her outlay of over £3,000 would have bought her a second hand car and motor insurance to go with it. The theory test is the newest part of the driving test and now requires takers to answer a minimum of 43 questions correctly from a multiple choice list of 50 questions. In addition participants have to correctly answer 44 out of 75 questions based on hazard perception.

Head of Road Safety at leading motoring group the AA, Andrew Howard, was nonplussed at how a person could fail the test so many times and said “It is absolutely unbelievable; it must have cost her a fortune. There are people who are not very good at tests, people who are nervous and some just don’t prepare adequately. Cases like this raise the question that there are some people who just can’t pass a theory test.”

Although far and away the most frequent failure, the lady from Essex is not on her own in boosting Whitehall coffers in such a strange way, as one gentleman in Peterborough has recently clocked up his 84th failure!

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