IFA in driving seat after sponsorship deal with Vauxhall

The IFA (Irish Football Association) have just agreed the biggest sponsorship deal in their history. Vauxhall Motors have brought some light through the economic gloom currently sweeping through Great Britain by handing over £40million to all of the Home Nations which include the IFA and their football association counterparts in England, Wales and Scotland.

The IFA will get at least £5million from the television and commercial deals and they may get more if the Home Nations tournament is revived during the course of the deal. The three-and-a half year sponsorship deal has generated fresh speculation that the Home International Championships will be returning with the Republic of Ireland being included as well.

The three-and-a-half year sponsorship deal includes all senior international fixtures including Euro 2012 and the World Cup which takes place in Brazil in 2014. As well as the senior men’s team; the partnership includes women’s national squads and all national age group teams. All the home nations are delighted to have attracted a sponsor of the prestige and calibre as Vauxhall and it is great testimony to how the motor group are regarded in the UK. The support of Vauxhall is going to be invaluable in helping them all deliver further progress at a senior and junior level. While Vauxhall get pride from helping the development of football in Great Britain, they also hope it will mean more motor insurance quotes are taken out for their vehicles.

Vauxhall managing director, Duncan Aldred, said “Football and cars are two of our nation’s biggest passions and this partnership is a clear and unequivocal sign that Vauxhall is firmly behind not only successful England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland senior teams but is also committed to supporting grass roots initiatives covering youth and junior football as well as women’s football and disability football.”

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