Ian Lynas announced UK Car of the Year Award judge

Motorsport enthusiast Ian Lynas has recently been asked to join the judging panel for this year’s UK Car of the Year Award, which means he will be joining the likes of Tom Ford, Simon McBride and Ken Gibson. Lynas admitted that he was “totally bowled over” when he got the request, and went on to say: “When I first heard, I thought ‘why me?’ I was totally bowled over. It’s such an honour to be thought of alongside the likes of Top Gear Magazine’s, Tom Ford, The Auto Network’s, Simon McBride and the biggest name in motor journalism, Ken Gibson. There is a good spread of newspaper, website and TV people on the judging panel and I am delighted to be among them.”

Lynas is famous for being a motorsport journalist, who has been working in the industry for a good number of years. He therefore has a great knowledge of everything to do with cars and motorsports, which is why he was asked to join the judging panel for the awards. Discussing the UK Car of the Year Awards, Lynas said: “This award is very good for the UK motor industry, the UK is an important centre for the motor industry, Honda, Mini and Toyota all manufacture in Britain and lots of R&D is carried out here. Britain is also very important to the Formula 1 industry as not only are Red Bull and McClaren based in Britain, Ferrari and Mercedes also have important facilities here.”

Lynas also outlined his criteria when it comes to choosing his winner this year and said: “The winner will perform well in a broad base of categories, I will be focused on style, CO2 emissions, economy, performance and, of course value for money. The Volkswagen Golf has won both the World Car Of The Year and the European Car Of The Year this year, I’d imagine it will be high on the list of contenders, however, with the winner not announced until mid-Autumn it may not win, five months is a long time in the automotive industry.” The UK Car of the Year awards are definitely one to watch if you are interested in buying a new car, especially if you are looking for something reliable, can provide cheap car insurance quotes and can save you money in fuel emissions.

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