Hyundai voted best manufacturer of value for money vehicles

Yesterday we reported how motorists are angered by the Office of Fair Trading’s report that petrol prices are fair in the UK, meaning that it is unlikely for prices to go down any time soon. Therefore, those that want to invest in new vehicles are now looking for ones that are the best value for money, especially as cars are now seen as long-term investments that are unlikely to be replaced a few years down the line.

When looking for a new car, most people not only want to know that it will run for a long time, but also that the premiums won’t be too expensive on their car insurance policies. Therefore, Which? magazine has recently reported the best value for money vehicles – and Hyundai won in three out of five separate categories. Discussing the wins, Hyundai Motor UK CEO and president, Tony Whitehorn said: “We are delighted that the readers, and our customers, hold the Hyundai brand in such high regard. With the current economic situation, people are looking for cars that are affordable to purchase and run, but which are also desirable both inside and out.”

“Hyundai’s updated model range fulfils these requirements and demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the best overall package of ownership.” The Hyundai i10, ix20 and the ix30 all won in their categories, with the first being praised for its low starting price of £8,345 and large range of features as standard. For example, every i10 comes with USB/AUX inputs, a six-speaker stereo, four airbags, central locking, and electric windows.

Meanwhile, the ix20 was also praised for its low cost and large amount of features, as it includes six airbags, remote central locking, an electronic stability programme, air conditioning and a trip computer all for just £12,315. Furthermore, the ix20 will save customers money on petrol as it has an impressive fuel economy, achieving 47.1 miles per gallon. Finally, the ix35 costs only £17,400 yet boasts a luxurious exterior with heated front and rear seats, a leather steering wheel and Bluetooth connectivity with full voice recognition. Unsurprisingly, sales of the ix30 went up by fifty eight per cent last year, and due to winning this award can expect even more sales this year.

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