Hospital car park is using too many spaces

Bosses at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital are going to ask planners to lift a restriction on the number of car parking spaces that can be used.

The hospital has breached the rules set out in its planning permission by making 1,812 of its 2,041 parking spaces available to staff, patients, and visitors. The hospital trust say that even though they are in breach of the rules, the number of spaces currently available is still not enough for staff and patients, some are still finding it impossible to park and many are arriving late for appointments.

However, according to rules laid down in the planning permission, the hospital should not operate any more than 1,513 spaces until the proposed additional medical facilities are finished. And this is why the hospital can not use the top floor of its new multi-storey car park. In a bid to stop the threat of any enforcement action by the council, the hospital trust has now submitted an application which asks if they can fully open the car park and use all of the car parking spaces available.

Stuart Hunter, the hospital’s director of finance, said “Our current planning permission was granted by Bournemouth Borough Council with conditions to ensure that additional cars were not entering Castle Lane East between the peak times of 5pm and 6pm. Peak times at RBH are between 2pm and 4pm – during staff shift changes, afternoon clinics and visiting time. The additional spaces will mean we can better manage demand for parking during this time.”

A report has been compiled on behalf of the hospital. The report says that the hospital has made every effort possible to encourage everyone to cycle, walk, or even take a bus to the hospital. However some drivers say that they pay road tax and have any driver car insurance which allows another person to drive them to the hospital, so for them it is not an option. The planners will make a decision on the application sometime in the early autumn.

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