Help at hand for motoring offenders

Drivers who want to fight a motoring conviction will have a new ally in the future as a website complete with “virtual lawyers” has been created to help them clear their name.

At a time when motoring costs are at their highest many drivers find their car insurance raises astronomically if they have driving convictions on their licence. Affording legal advice and representation to question a conviction is known to be expensive and only used by the rich and famous. Well that may no longer be the case.

The website, Road Traffic Representation, offers drivers free information on the likely outcome of a brush with the Traffic Police on all manner of common driving offences including, drink-driving and speeding. It explains how the law works in regard to fixed penalty violations and what to do when you receive a court summons. Primarily the website aims to help those who feel they have been charged wrongly and want to fight their corner.

Solicitor Martin Langan, who devised the website, said “Legal services are not perceived as particularly accessible. People needing legal advice are often worried about the cost and may find it difficult to take time off work or away from other obligations to see a solicitor.” The site offers free advice up to a point and then gives users the chance to arrange a meeting with a solicitor for a basic £35 fee if they feel they may have a case.

It is a fact that more motorists are now falling foul of the law than ever before. With over 700,000 convictions between March 2010 to March 2011 drivers are contributing a steady stream of income into the Government coffers. Almost half of the convictions were first offences and Mr Langan believes his website could help many of those drivers unaware of the processes of law.

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