Heavy Rain and Flooding leading to Driving Chaos across England

Heavy rain has caused chaos for those attempting to drive across the UK, with many roads now submerged under water and physically impossible to drive on. In Dorset, a number of motorists had to be rescued by fire crews after becoming stranded in floodwater, and across the country many others are facing long delays due to road closures and traffic.

Despite repeated warning from emergency services, some drivers are still attempting to drive on roads that have been badly affected by flooding. Dorset Fire and Rescue service have asked drivers to “Please take extreme care whilst driving through parts of flooding and do not attempt to pass through any floodwater as you could be risking your own life as well as other.” The police have also released a statement, saying that “Members of the public are urged to take extra care when driving and to ensure they are visible to other drivers by keeping their headlights on even in daylight.”

So far, the Environment Agency has issued over four hundred flood warnings across the UK, and is warning that up to thirty millimetres of rain is expected to fall between midnight tonight and noon on Christmas day. Sky News Weather Presenter Nazaneed Ghaffar has also warned the public, saying that “We’re really looking at unsettled weather for the rest of the year. Rain this morning will move north-eastwards across southern and central England, Wales, the Midlands and up to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It should clear off to the North Sea just after midday but this rain will add further to the flooding problems in the west as it falls on already saturated ground.”

Those that are planning on driving tonight or tomorrow are warned to check weather and traffic reports before setting off to make sure that they are not caught out by flooded roads. They should also make sure that they have adequate motor insurance, otherwise if they become stuck in floodwater they may have to pay expensive rescue companies to come and help them.

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