Government debating changing rules for Learner Drivers

The government is debating changing the amount of time drivers must practice before being allowed to take their driving test, as well as introducing different types of driving they must be proficient in before they are allowed on the road on their own. Young drivers are known to cause more accidents, which is why many bodies are calling for the amount and types of training students receive to be increased.

This spring a Green Paper will be published suggesting that learner drivers should be taught how to drive on motorways, adverse weather conditions, and in the dark before being allowed to take their test. The paper will also suggest that testing should become more rigorous and that there should be better incentives for young drivers to take up additional training after they first pass their test. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “It is alarming that a fifth of people killed or seriously injured on our road in 2011 were involved in a collision where at least one driver was aged 17-24.”

“Improving the safety of our young drivers is therefore a real priority and will not only reduce casualties but should also mean a reduction in the sky-high insurance premiums they pay.” However, Neil Greg, Director of Policy and Research for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: “It makes no sense that the current system abandons new drivers after the test to learn by their often fatal mistakes, but any new approach must be based on saving lives and not reducing insurance premiums warns the IAM.”

“The IAM support post test help for new drivers but we are worried that curfews and restrictions will merely restrict their ability to gain the real world knowledge that will save their lives.” Regardless of whether motor insurance quotes will decrease for young drivers if they are required more training before they take their tests, the extra skills they will learn will help them stay safe on the road. Furthermore, it will teach them skills that at the moment most new drivers don’t have, such as driving on the motorway, which could lead to safer roads for all drivers.

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