Goodwood Festival of Speed

July was the month of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and what a great weekend it was especially as it was the 20th anniversary! There was one of the largest collections of cars that have been seen at the festival with over 169000 people turning up for the event over the course of the two days.

It is Porches 50th anniversary of the 911 and they displayed some of their most iconic versions of the vehicle. On top of this the large sculpture that was featured outside of the Goodwood house was also inspired by the 911.

The hill climb saw plenty of action this year because not only does the 911 and the festival itself have special anniversaries to celebrate but so does the Le Mans 24 hours race which was celebrating 90 years. World Championship for Sports Cars was also celebrating 60 years.

Those attending were wowed by timely vehicles such as the Jaguar D-Type and the Mercedes 300SLR as well as plenty of others. There was also the prototype of the Audi R18 so give a glimpse into the future of these cars. All of these will need car insurance if they are being driven.

Not only was it a great day for those who love to see the old and new vehicles but it was also a great day for Formula 1 fans who got to see the likes of McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari. These had their racings cars on show and they were also driven up the hill. McLaren also had their brand new P1 hyper car at the event.

There was a huge range of vehicles including the very much anticipated Alpha Romeo 4C. Peugeot were also there offering an opportunity that money simply cannot buy with a passenger journey in their concept car, Onyx.

Goodwood had an extended rally course in honour of the 40th anniversary of the World Rally Championship of which they featured every single winning vehicle from each year.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed was launched in 1993 and at the very first event 25,000 people attended. The growth has been amazing with the amount of visitors now having to be capped at around 150,000. Not only was there the traditional festival there was also a moving motor show which gave the opportunity for visitors to test drive a variety of vehicles.

In other news for July, car enthusiast will be pleased to know that Bentley will now be building an SUV in Britain. Not only is this great news for the motor industry but it is also very welcome news for the economy as it is estimated that around 1,000 new jobs will be created and the vehicle will be ready to go on sale in 2016 with a massive £800 million in investment between now and then.

For many Bentley is a statement of luxury saloons so their announcement of creating the most powerful SUV in the world may come as a surprise although this is entering the market at a perfect time as the British car manufacturing sector is performing strongly.

David Cameron has stated, “This £800 million investment and a thousand new jobs from Bentley is fantastic news for both Crewe and for the UK as a whole.” He continued, “One sector that we know is sprinting ahead in the global race is our booming automotive industry. One vehicle rolls off a production line somewhere in the UK every 20 seconds and we have just launched the Governments Automotive Industrial Strategy to help continue this success for years to come.”

Dr Winterkorn is the chairman of the board of Volkswagen Group and he has said, “The Volkswagen Group believes in the UK as a competitive location for the industrial production. Bentley fans all around the world are looking forward to the brands first SUV. Together we will make this new Bentley another true Bentley – powerful, exclusive and successful.”

Tony Burke is the unite union assistant general secretary and he has said, “The creation of 400 new directly employed workers and a further 600 in the supply chain is great news for the North West and for the wider UK economy. The UK car industry’s success story is continuing with another major boost for jobs.

“The UK motor industry built 1.6 million vehicles last year – it’s a driving force. Government and industry need to learn the lessons of this success story and use them to rebuild the wider manufacturing sector.”

The actual design of the car hasn’t been released yet but last year they revealed a concept car at the Geneva Auto Show which might be a good clue as to what the final design may be. They are hoping to sell the vehicle in America which is where their biggest market is as well as China.

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