GMP determined to keep the city centre safe

Police in Manchester have confirmed that they used number plate spotting technology to keep known criminals away from Manchester for three days after the riots. Police Officers were stationed at key routes on the cusp of the city limits checking registration plates against a number of national databases.

Known criminals who were caught trying to get to the city centre were intercepted and ordered to turn around. On Wednesday evening, fifty cars were stopped from entering the city by officers who were determined to keep the streets as trouble-free as possible. Seven officers were injured in Salford on Tuesday night after a mob bombarded them with breeze blocks, paving stones, bottles and bricks. Cars were set on fire and damaged; meaning residents had to claim on the policy they took out after getting a motor insurance quote.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy said: “Quite a number of those turned away had serious previous convictions. We are capitalising on the public’s mood – one of being appalled at what has happened. People are now talking to us who have never done so before. But there should not be a knee-jerk reaction away from neighbourhood policing – that is still the best way to gather intelligence and keep in touch with the community. The number of police on the streets will remain high throughout the next week. We are on top of the situation and the policy will be repeated if trouble flares again.”

Greater Manchester Police have also been showing the faces of suspected looters on huge screens as they tighten the net on the rioters and looters. The ‘Shop a Looter’ campaign has just been launched by Police who will drive round with digital images of suspected looters. The pictures will also be projected on to the cities giant screens in Piccadilly Gardens. The Police have also confirmed that everyone captured on CCTV would be getting a visit very soon.

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