Garage service needs fixing

A report out today by a leading consumer group suggests Britain’s motorists have to be as thorough in choosing the garage they use for car repairs as they do with companies supplying a motor insurance quote.  An investigation into the capabilities and honesty of UK’s garages by consumer magazine Which has revealed the British public are getting a poor service from most mechanics.

The consumer group submitted vehicles with four basic faults to 62 garages across the country and the results were alarming. The four faults which were; a nearly flat spare tyre, minimum brake fluid, low pressure in a rear tyre and a faulty reversing light proved too much for many garages.

Amazingly 54 of the garages missed at least 1 of the problems and a handful of garages actually missed them all. To add insult to injury, all the vehicles submitted for testing were filled with screen wash as a test of integrity. Unfortunately 40% of the garages failed this test as well, by charging for screen wash.

In all 40 garages failed to reflate the spare tyre and 20% failed to put more air in the rear tyre. Most failed with the other tests as well. Half of the garages missed the brake fluid deficiency and over half; almost 60% missed the reversing light.

Overall the best results came from garages allied to the Bosch Car Service scheme, who achieved a fix rate of 64%. The worst from garages allied to the Good Garages Scheme who only averaged 39%.

The Chief Executive of Which, Peter Vicary-Smith, said “Almost all the garages in our investigation failed to fix basic faults. This could have endangered the lives of drivers and other road users and is simply not acceptable. The fact that Bosch and Motor Codes schemes have outperformed independent garages is encouraging, but there’s still a long way to go for the industry to win the confidence of car owners.”

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