Fuel prices soar in Europe

It appears that the nation’s holiday makers looking to drive abroad for their holidays will find that fuel prices on the continent have shot up in a similar vein to those in the UK.

A report for Post Office Travel Money (POTM) shows that prices at the pumps in Europe have gone up by as much as 24p for petrol and 30p for diesel in the last 12 months. It would seem that Luxembourg is a good option for a holiday as the country has the cheapest prices for both petrol and diesel on the continent. In fact the diesel comes in at 91p a litre making it the only place in Europe where diesel can be found under a £1 per litre. Spain, a very popular destination for Brits, is only slightly more expensive with petrol prices just 1p more than that of Luxembourg and diesel prices considerably less than those in the UK.

Sweden has seen the highest price hikes with unleaded petrol showing a rise of 24% and diesel prices fared even worse going up by a massive 34%. Germany on the other hand has seen much steadier prices over the last year with petrol showing an increase of just 4% and diesel up by 12%.

Commenting on the report, Sarah Munro, head of POTM observed “Fuel costs may have risen steeply across Europe this year but our survey again found wide variations in pump prices. This means that UK tourists taking motoring holidays can still make significant savings if they plan carefully. For example, motorists travelling through eastern France could save 15.7 per cent by crossing into Luxembourg and filling up there”.

UK motorists planning to take their car to the continent should ensure their motor insurance quote includes overseas cover.

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