Football fans joy shortlived

Thieves caused damage to fifteen cars at Chester FC’s Exacta Stadium while the owners watched their team play away from home. Valuables worth hundreds of pounds were taken from the cars that were left by fans who boarded a coach to Ellesmere Port.

The owners were all shocked to return and find their car windows smashed and items taken, including four sat-navs, three iPods and three netbooks. Motor insurance firms were contacted by the unlucky owners and police are now investigating the thefts by examining CCTV footage from around the stadium to see if the culprits can be identified. They are also urging anyone with any information to contact them as soon as possible.

Chester FC Chief Executive, Pat Cluskey, said “We are obviously very disappointed by what has happened and we are currently examining the CCTV footage and will be passing on any information to Cheshire Police. It is commonplace for fans to leave their cars on the car park when using the away travel and it is the first time that any kind of problems have arisen as a result of this. These break-ins have obviously been planned to coincide with the game.”

The football ground is isolated and there is no passing footfall which has convinced investigating officers that it was a planned operation. The break-ins are thought to have taken place between 8.30pm and 10pm and the celebrations of the returning fans, who had seen their team win 3-0, were quickly forgotten when they saw the damage done to their cars. The police are also speaking to other businesses to see if their CCTV picked up on any suspicious activity in the area at the time. The football club will be contacting all supporters who use their coaches to get to away games and advising them to ensure they leave their cars secure and without valuables on show for future trips.

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