Fleets could save £10k on petrol a year

The cost of petrol is often a sore point when it comes to motorists, which is why so many car manufacturers are now creating vehicles that boast better fuel efficiency. However, many people have recently argued that it is not so much which car you drive but how you drive it that could either save or waste petrol. This is what research from the ALD Automotive also found, and even went so far to claim that an average UK fleet could save up to ten thousand pounds a year if they incentivise employees to drive more efficiently.

The survey questioned one thousand business drivers across the UK, and found that two thirds believed they could save 5 to 10 per cent in fuel if they were incentivised to drive differently, while one in ten drivers believed they could save 15 to 20 per cent and 3 per cent believed they could save around a quarter. From this information ALD Automotive stated that if you had a fleet of 50 vehicles averaging 25,000 miles per annum with the fuel consumption 40mpg the total cost of fuel would be £200,000 per year.

By getting each of the drivers in the fleet to reduce their fuel use by just 5 per cent each fleet could save on average ten thousand pounds per year, or if even only a third of the fleet reduced their fuel use by ten per cent the company could save six thousand pounds per year. ALD Automotive has therefore called for fleet managers to introduce incentives or introduce telematics into their vehicles so that their employees will drive more economically.

Mel Dawson, managing director at ALD Automotive, said: ‘This survey makes interesting reading as much of the focus, historically, has been on fleet policy and adopting more fuel-efficient vehicles. In recent years, however, we’ve certainly seen a growing interest in telematics systems and these are now at the forefront of effective fleet management. Telematics provides a wealth of previously unseen information to fleet managers and drivers alike.”

“By using data collected from systems, businesses can set up monthly league tables for their drivers promoting more efficient driving and making it far easier to implement any fuel-saving incentive schemes.” Not only can telematics help reduce the cost of fuel for fleet vehicles, but many car insurance companies offer policies that use the information from the devices to decide whether to reduce or increase the premiums each quarter, which could also save fleet managers a lot of money.

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