Farmer surprised to find a car floating in a pond on his land

Helen Rowe was left red faced and embarrassed after she reported her car as stolen to police, only to find that she had forgotten to apply the handbrake and it had rolled off the drive, across a road down the field opposite and ended up in the pond of a farm.

Mrs Rowe had been on a visit at her mother’s home in Coombe where she parked up on the driveway. She then saw it moving off and she immediately called the Police to report the theft. The police arrived soon after to take her statement and she also reported the theft to the insurance company whose motor insurance quote she accepted. But before either the police or the insurance company had a chance to find the car, the farmer and owner of the land opposite her mother’s home found the Volkswagen Passat floating in his pond at the bottom of a field.

The Police attended the scene and came to the conclusion that it had not been stolen by thieves; it appears that the handbrake of the car had not been applied. The farmer helped Ms Rowe to recover her car from the pond. Police are warning motorists to take extra care when parking their cars.

A spokesman for Police said: “The theft of the vehicle was reported to us and we attended the address to speak to the owner. The driver had just pulled up outside her mothers, got out of her car, walked to the house and turned around to see her vehicle moving off and she reported the vehicle as stolen. This was an unusual incident but does serve as a warning to ensure vehicles are parked safely, with handbrakes on, especially when they are parked on an incline. Mrs Rowe is lucky there were no people or other vehicles on the road because the bill would have been much higher.”

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