Electric SLS demonstrates what Mercedes can do

Many motoring fans will have watched the Top Gear Christmas Special this week featuring the Mercedes SLS in competition with a Ferrari and Porsche racing across the USA.

Well motoring fans of Mercedes will soon have the chance to get a motor insurance quote on the Mercedes SLS AMG E-cell.

On the outside there is very little difference to the £150,000 snorting monster that the Top Gear boys drove, except of course there is no exhaust pipe. There is no snorting noise from this electric supercar, in fact there is hardly a whisper as the four electric engines power this machine from 0 to 60mph in four seconds.

The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell is Mercedes statement about what can be done using “green” technologies. The result is stunning. This model looks every inch a supercar and its demonstration of power is impressive if somewhat eerie. The new phalanx of electric cars will by law have to emit some sort of noise to alert pedestrians and having experienced this car in action it is totally understandable. Perhaps the silence of the engines inspired the Mercedes engineers to come up with the colour for this demo model, it is a lurid mango colour which can without doubt be described as loud.

The inside of the E-Cell is dramatically different to its petrol driven sibling as it has different instruments including one indicating the mileage left in the battery charge. The gear box is obviously automatic and has just three modes, Drive Park and Reverse.

Mercedes Smart Fourtwo is its main forerunner in the electric car stakes and the SLS E-Cell at this point is nothing more than an exercise in demonstrating what can be achieved. It is an impressive insight into the future.

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