Electric motorists in Oxford can refuel for free

A network of electric car charging points have been installed in eleven car parks throughout Oxford which allow green drivers to recharge for free.

Users of electric vehicles can now plug into the twenty recharging points in city centre and park and ride car parks. The network will also be linked to a “sister” network in Milton Keynes and motorists will be able to charge vehicles at either location. Green campaigners have welcomed the move and they support any initiative that makes electric car driving more convenient. They hope such schemes will encourage more drivers to get a motor insurance quote for an electric vehicle.

The re-charging points were installed by SEPD (Southern Electric Power Distribution) and are the first network of its kind to be installed in Oxford. They can be used by anyone driving an electric vehicle as long as they have registered with the scheme operator; Chargemaster.

David Densley, head of sustainable transport for SEPD, said “As well as being a practical resource for people already using such cars, we hope they will spark people’s interest in electric transport and the environmental benefits it could bring in the future.”

Scientists have worked out the new electric Mini can save a motorist up to £1,300 on the cost of fuel over a 12 month period. The cars have a range of 155 miles from a full battery charge and will cost less than 2p per mile with the battery having the capacity to be fully charged in just three hours. The new charging points mean drivers can come into Oxford in their electric vehicle, plug them in to charge and then spend the day looking around the city. Two groups of local volunteers have been conducting tests on the prototype Mini E for six months at a time and experts have been testing the technical, social and psychological aspects of using the electric cars.

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