Economics Driving Consumers to Car Showrooms

Motorists in the UK are increasingly looking to purchase car insurance on vehicles with low carbon emissions and economic usage of fuel.

That is the outcome of a report from the industry leading Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The report shows that new cars with their technological advances are becoming more popular with consumers, and it is down to the modern day cost of motoring. According to SMMT almost half of all new cars sold last year had emissions of less than 130 grams per kilometre; just four years ago only 10% of cars could boast of being so clean. The figure of 130 is key to the industry as European Union regulations demand that all cars emit no more than 130 g/km by 2015. At the moment the average new car in the UK emits 138g/kg but designers are now confident that the target will be met.

It is not clean emissions though that is foremost in motorists’ minds when they buy a new car, it is economics. The new breed of cars can easily give drivers over 50 miles to the gallon and with fuel prices obstinately staying at record levels it is this factor that is driving prospective buyers to the car showrooms. John Madslien from the BBC summed it up by saying: “New or nearly new cars are now so frugal that, with the currently high petrol and diesel prices, switching from old, thirsty models often pays for itself. Both fleet and private car buyers realise this, so demand for fuel efficient cars has soared. Given the close link between reduced fuel consumption and emission reductions, the result has been a big step towards an envisaged future of low carbon motoring.”

Interestingly enough the report shows that zero emission cars are still having very little bearing on the race to cut emissions, as only just over 1% of new cars are carbon free.

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