Drivers willing to break the law to stay on the roads

Research has just been released that shows one in thirteen motorists have had to give up their vehicle due to the escalating costs, and millions of others are fearful they will be priced off the road during 2012 if driving gets even more expensive.

The research that was carried out as part of the motoring census of 2011 found that while four in ten say they will have to use their vehicle less in 2012, almost half of the respondents (48.5%) admitted they no longer enjoy driving because of the cost. This figure is up 10% when compared to last year’s motoring census figures.

Motor insurance quotes increased by an average of 16.5% during 2011 and all the drivers questioned during the survey said they will consider driving less or even stop driving if insurance premiums go up further. In what is a worrying development, some drivers are so concerned about the costs of driving that they will consider breaking the law. Almost 10% admitted that they would drive a vehicle without insurance, 6% would not take out road tax and 3% said they would be more than happy to drive away from a petrol station without paying. Others have said that they will have to start charging their friends and family for lifts.

Amanda Edwards, a member of the research team, said “This census offers a bleak picture for drivers. What is of great concern is how many feel they will be forced off the roads by rising costs. However, it’s heartening to see that few will go without car insurance to save money, which is of course a legal requirement. Insurance companies would be delighted to help motorists save on their insurance by keeping costs low, but sadly fraudulent claims mean premiums are being forced up.”

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