Drivers warned over bank holiday weekend traffic

Most years this bank holiday weekend does not seem to have much effect on the UK’s roads; however as Easter was particularly cold and wet this year it seems that many people in the UK want to make the most of this weekend and go on a trip. However, before you jump in the car you should check the traffic report as there has been warnings that most roads are set to experience heavy traffic as around seven million people are expected to be going away for the long weekend.

A spokesman from the traffic experts Trafficmaster said: “Following the extended wintry weather which adversely affected the Easter Bank Holiday, it is now expected that the long May Bank Holiday will bring heavy traffic to many holiday routes. Normally, this particular holiday period tends to be quiet on the roads, because schools only break for the Bank Holiday Monday. But the abnormally poor weather over the Easter break this year is likely to encourage many to take a long weekend away over the May Day weekend.”

“As the holiday is not an extended school break, it is expected that homeward traffic will also be heavy along the holiday routes from mid-afternoon on Bank Holiday Monday, and throughout the evening, with some additional traffic on those routes lingering into the Tuesday morning peak.” The RAC have also been planning for the bank holiday rush this weekend, with roadside operations manager Matt Dallaway saying: “Finally we seem to have shaken off the cold and are enjoying a good spell of weather which will inevitably encourage more people into taking a short break this weekend, either in the UK or abroad.”

“We are anticipating UK roads will be at their busiest since Easter and therefore we are preparing our patrols to deal with the inevitable increase in breakdowns amid greater congestion.” As the roads will be so busy this weekend it is extremely important for drivers to make sure their motor insurance is up to date, and to perform some basic checks on their vehicles before they head off. For example, you need to check that your tyre pressures are correct and that there is the right level of oil, coolant and water in your car. Don’t forget to stock up on petrol before you get on the motorway too otherwise you could find yourself stranded!

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