Drivers urged to activate security devices

Thousands of car drivers are running the risk of having their motor insurance quote invalidated by failing to make vehicle security a priority, according to research carried out. The research found that over half (56%) of the United Kingdom’s drivers have been a victim of car crime, whilst 12% of car owners have had paintwork maliciously damaged, 8% have had their windscreen smashed, and another 8% of have been victims of theft from the car. Three out of five car owners do have an alarm installed, but many are risking invalidating car insurance claims by not actually activating the alarm when the car is unattended. Whether it’s comprehensive or any driver car insurance, a lot of policies now state that when a car is unattended, the driver must make sure that the car is locked, windows are closed, and any security system is fully activated.

Andrew Ferguson, Head of General Insurance at the firm who carried out the survey, said: “It is good to hear that car crime is falling, however it is always important to make sure vehicles are locked and secure. During the summer months, many drivers unwind windows and leave roofs open – it’s important to make sure the vehicle is secure when unattended, especially as failure to do so could invalidate any insurance claim. If the worst should happen and a car is broken into, Car Insurance can help cover the cost of damage and loss of personal belongings.”

Whenever the car is parked up, make sure that personal belongings are not left in the vehicle or at the very least put away out of sight. Always check that the car is locked before walking away. If it is possible, park the car in a secure and well lit area. If the vehicle has security devices make sure they are utilised, otherwise any claim could be rejected.

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