Drivers Ignoring Safety in a Bid to Cut Costs

Research conducted by a motor insurance company suggests that drivers are risking accident and injury in a bid to cut down on their motoring costs.

In a survey of over 1000 motorists, the company discovered that many drivers are prepared to drive faulty cars if it means they are saving a few pounds. 10% of those questions admitted they had delayed a MoT test knowing they would have to pay for repairs once the car had been checked, while 1 in 6 of the respondents said they were aware of a fault on their car but could not afford to have it mended, but drove it anyway. When just 18-24 year-olds were taken into consideration this figure dropped to below 1 in 5.

Even though UK drivers are getting a little respite from the soaring price of petrol and diesel it seems that the cost of fuel has prompted many drivers to look elsewhere to save on motoring costs. Over 50% of those polled say they are worried about incurring repair bills if they have their cars serviced or booked in for an MoT. One in ten drivers said they had looked to cut their car insurance costs by changing from a comprehensive policy to just third party protection, and of course some are just not buying insurance at all.

A spokesman for the company who conducted the survey said: “Motorists have been hit hard by spiralling motoring costs and it is very worrying that so many are struggling to pay for repairs to their vehicles and their insurance. I believe that motorists are very responsible on the whole, but with tightening budgets and further job losses looming, motorists are being very careful with their money and feel that they have no option as the cost of motoring continues to increase.”

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