Drivers expecting to pay to drive on roads in future

According to a recent survey carried out by the RAC around fifty per cent of motorists believe that in the next twenty five years they will be expected to pay tolls if they choose to drive in certain places such as large cities. Furthermore, fifty per cent also believed that they would have to pay to drive on motorways in the future; however the surprising thing about this report is that many are actually open to the idea as it will give them more control when it comes to how they use their vehicle and its running costs.

Since last winter there have been numerous reports concerning the state of the roads in Britain, especially as numerous months of bad weather have led to large potholes forming in most of the roads across the UK. The problem now is that even though the weather has improved local authorities are struggling to find the funds to fix these roads, meaning that they are left in a state that can cause damage to motorists’ vehicles.

This is why many motorists would be happy to pay to drive on motorways and city centres if they knew the money was going towards improving the roads and therefore their journeys. Furthermore, damages caused by potholes often have to be paid for through a driver’s car insurance which could lead their quotes to increase each year if the problem is not resolved. It seems as though most drivers would prefer to have the road problems fixed instead of relying on their insurance.

Discussing the findings, RAC technical director David Bizley said: “The report suggests that motorists would prefer to see a higher share of motoring taxation levied on those things over which they have greater control – such as whether or not they choose to drive into city centres or use a particular motorway. Our Report on Motoring shows that Britain’s motorists – and roads – have been left battle-scarred after a further 12 months of bearing the burden of extreme financial conditions.”

“Our research shows that the UK motorist isn’t being unreasonably demanding – all he or she wants is for more of their motoring taxation to be spent on roads.” It is thought that road tolls could also lead to the government reducing the amount of fuel tax on petrol, which means it will be easier for people to reduce their travel costs in the future.

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