Driver loses his car after insurance mix up

Motorist James Taylor has been left stunned after a mix up between his insurance company and the police left him without a car, and massively out of pocket. His insurance company tried to rectify the situation by sending an email confirming cover, but it came too late for his Rover 45, as the car was reduced to twisted metal after being crushed.

Mr Taylor tried a last-minute attempt to save his beloved car when he went to the police with a letter from his insurance company which proved he was allowed to drive the car, but this ended in failure when Northumbria Police refused to accept it and went ahead with destroying the car. Meter reader James is now demanding compensation from the police.

James said: “A mistake has left me extremely out of pocket. I was involved in an accident not far from my home and the police rang my insurance company. The police were told I was not insured so I was given a caution, read my rights, and told I would be prosecuted. My car was seized, along with most of my personal belongings inside, and I had to ring my daughter to get picked up. When I got home I rang the insurance company who admitted they made an error. I was sent an email which I printed it off, took it to the police, but they would not accept it or release my car.”

The insurance company confirmed that James has a car insured with them which is on a policy taken out by his son-in-law. The car was protected by named driver car insurance, however, his son-in-law had given an incorrect car registration number for James’ car when he took out the policy. Despite this being corrected during the phone conversation when the certificate went sent out for Mr Taylor’s vehicle, it still noted the wrong registration. The insurance company immediately issued Mr Taylor with a letter of indemnity but the police would not accept the written evidence and now the motorist has had to buy a new vehicle until he pursues his claim.

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