Deeside win unwanted prize of car crime capital

Drivers in a sleepy village have been shocked to find out they are living in Great Britain’s car crime capital. Industry figures reveal that Aboyne (population 2,180) had the highest rate of vehicle thefts in Britain.

Analysis of over 2 million reports submitted to an insurance firm last year revealed one in every 76 of the cars covered in the AB34 postcode area were stolen last year. Everyone in the village is now worried that their next motor insurance quote will see a big increase in premiums. The unenviable title was greeted with shock and disbelief in the village which is just 20 miles from Balmoral. Retired Jacob Broere, 65, has parked his car in the village every day for 30 years, blissfully unaware his car was at risk.

Jacob said “I’ve never heard of a single car being taken in all that time – although I did have a nice set of hub caps stolen about 30 years ago. You do hear about the odd bit of vandalism, but no more than anywhere else. This is a nice, quiet place; somebody must have got their sums wrong.”

Residents admit there are lots of people working in the oil industry and there are some nice cars in the village. The signs of wealth are there to be seen, with a number of Range Rovers, Audis and BMWs. The research shows wealthy parts of the country do have a high level of thefts, which suggests that criminals are targeting certain areas just for cars of high value.

The insurer who carried out the research stressed they had calculated the ratio of cars stolen to those it insured and not just the total number of thefts. There was 306 vehicles insured at Aboyne last year and four were stolen (one in every 76 ) while Blackley (Greater Manchester) had 19 vehicles stolen but over 2,000 were insured which means a ratio of one in 105.

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