Dangerous drivers avoiding bans

It is something that has happened to most drivers at one point or another – you are driving down the road at the wrong speed and then notice a flash from a speed camera. Generally, these cameras are put into place on roads where driving over the set speed limit could lead to an accident or endanger pedestrians or cyclists. Most drivers who are caught speeding via speed cameras are usually going only a few miles an hour over the speed limit; however the fact that they are penalised hopefully incentivises them to drive slower in the future.

If caught speeding you are automatically issued a fixed penalty as well as three points on your licence, but if you are caught going considerably over the speed limit you could be automatically banned from driving. Those that are caught four times will rack up 12 points on their licence, at which point they can also be banned from driving by the courts. However, it has recently been revealed that up to eight thousand drivers with twelve points on their licences have avoided driving bans, which many feel is unfair and dangerous for other road users.

Shockingly, recent figures have shown that up to 9 per cent of all drivers on the road should technically be banned, however courts have given exceptions due to the fact that drivers claim that losing their license would lead to them experiencing “exceptional hardship.” At the moment, the courts have the right to impose driving bans at their discretion, but it seems that many are being overly lenient on those that continually break the law. Furthermore, it has been revealed that many drivers who should be banned aren’t due to poor communication between the DVLA and courts.

Peter Rodger from the road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “If everyone thinks this is what happens, then the respect for the rules of the road will be removed.” It also seems that even though car insurance quotes generally increase with the amount of points each person has on their licence, many people are still not being put off from driving dangerously. For example, The Sun recently reported on one driver from Cheshire who is still on the road even though they currently have 36 points on their licence. Hopefully these new figures will lead to courts becoming more stringent on drivers with multiple points on their licence, and in the future make the roads safer for all.

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