Danger Roads to be Targeted by Policing Team

Greater Manchester Police have launched an initiative to solve parking problems which are making two roads in an outlying district a danger for drivers and passengers alike. Deane Road and Wigan Road, in Deane, have been the scene of seventy-four accidents during the last three years and are now recognised as accident black spots.

The local Neighbourhood Policing Team is working to improve the situation after they had lengthy discussions with local residents. Police believe there are two issues, firstly taxi drivers are parking in bus lanes and secondly there are a large number of cars for sale being parked in the road opposite the Esso petrol station. Officers have already spoken to those selling the cars and taxi drivers advising them of the problems they are causing.

The first step of the initiative involved traffic police visiting the two roads to issue fines to any motorist contravening traffic regulations, while trading standards staff targeted the people who are selling the cars, ensuring the vehicles for sale complied with trading standards and that they were covered with motor insurance. Police are planning another operation at the end of April. They will also talk to the shop owners and ask them to advise their customers of the best places to park which will not cause an obstruction.

PCSO Mark Harrison said: “Here is a real problem and we have had a lot of complaints from residents. Motorists are finding it difficult to leave side streets, buses have to stop in the main carriageway and pedestrians are trying to cross the road too. We want to remind people to park sensibly. The taxi drivers often stop in bus lanes, even when there are parking bays in the area, and people have to drive around them. We want to re-educate people to park safely.”

Figures from Transport for Greater Manchester show there were forty-one reported accidents in Deane Road and thirty-three in Wigan Road in the three years up to March 30, 2012.

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