Councils asked to facilitate the use of Plug-in points

At long last the Government is waking up to the fact that electric cars have captured the imagination of the public.

In a move that will incontrovertibly lead to more motor insurance quotes on electric vehicles, Central Government has sent the message out to local councils that electric cars should be catered for in new development sites.

The message to local councils is that plug-in points for the new generation of cars are essential if the new technology is to be expanded. Whitehall is asking local authorities to ensure the recharging stations are placed in streets and car parks without the hindrance of planning permission. Furthermore they are asking builders to make sure plug-in points feature in the design of new developments.

With the price of fuel at an all time high, and a £5,000 grant available for purchases of zero emission cars, the Government has realised that the current situation presents a golden opportunity to get the public to change over to the new generation of vehicles.

Over £400 million has been put aside to encourage drivers in the UK to embrace the new technology with much of it being used to promote the “Plugged in Places” scheme.

Transport Minister Philip Hammond said, “Electric cars have the potential to revolutionise motoring in the 21st Century allowing us to have the benefits of a car without damaging the environment. This Government recognises that cars are a lifeline for many people – and that by supporting the next generation of electric and other ultra-low emission vehicles, it can enable sustainable green motoring to be a long-term part of Britain’s future transport planning.”

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