Cold weather brings increase in insurance claims

Insurance companies have reported a huge increase in weather related motor insurance claims. This will lead to many motorists losing their no claims bonus and an increase in premiums on their next motor insurance quote.

Motor insurance companies have reported a 21% increase in car insurance claims in Scotland alone, almost 50% of these are related to the snow and ice. By far the most common weather related incidents are collisions while in moving traffic. With a lot of these involving back-end collisions at roundabouts and traffic lights, while sliding on bends and crashing into oncoming traffic is also common.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says that snow and ice brings a wide variety of collisions. “While hitting other cars is by far the most common, also high on the list of mishaps is striking snow-covered kerbs, which can cause expensive damage to wheels and suspension.”

Last week the AA received one of their most unusual claims when a motorist ran into a wild boar on an icy country road, an incident which left his car badly dented.

The Association of British Insurers says that anyone who has an accident where snow plays a part should take a photograph of the scene if possible. As most mobile phones now have a camera, this is good advice because snow can be there one day and gone the next. Having a picture as evidence will be useful when making a claim.

However, motorists should remember that even if snow is to blame for an accident, it will not stop the ‘no claims bonus’ being lost. Insurers are emphasising that it is a no “claim”, not a no “blame” bonus. So they are advising motorists to be careful when driving in extreme weather. Fitting winter tyres can be helpful in snow and ice and they are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

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