Catapult used in late night attack on vehicles

Vandals armed with catapults are being blamed for causing serious damage to at least thirty cars and vans parked in numerous roads in Gravesend, Kent earlier this month. Residents claim the culprits were driving a white van and targeted vehicles at random in their drive-by attack.

Police are investigating the vandalism, which comes just a fortnight after a number of similar catapult attacks were reported in other towns in Kent. Police are not yet linking the incidents but they are appealing for information from the general public. In total they have had 15 separate incidents of damage caused by ball bearings and smooth stones fired from catapults. Attacks have now happened in Dartford, Sevenoaks and Gravesend.

College student Troy Wareing and his brother, Tyrone both had windows smashed on their vehicles as well as dents in the driver’s door. Troy believes small stones found in his Vauxhall Corsa and on the road beside his car had been fired from a catapult. He has no money to pay for the repairs and has no choice but to make a claim on his motor insurance.

Troy said: “My driver’s side window had been smashed and I found a stone inside by the driver’s door. I noticed it was the right size for a catapult. I then found out about 30 cars around my area had also had their windows smashed. I just don’t see what people get out of it. What sort of enjoyment do they get out of smashing windows? What have they achieved?”

In total approximately 30 cars were targeted in the attack and all were parked on the road rather than on people’s drives. Police have asked everyone in the area who has a CCTV system to look at the footage and see if their cameras picked up anything that can help the police investigation. Some of those affected have decided not to make a claim on their insurance because it will mean higher premiums.

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