Cars of the Future Will Get High-Tech Interiors as Standard

Scientists working for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers are predicting massive changes for the cocoon we live in whilst driving our vehicles. They forecast the interior of cars in the future will be driven by technology and entertainment systems and in the coming years new cars will include “augmented reality” technology which will spread across your windscreen, showing the roadway lines and exits.

Designers and manufacturers are increasingly focusing on interior comfort and technology and how easily the driver can experience it. Manufacturers are also undertaking trials using hand gesture recognition which will help people with dexterity problems. There is no doubt that in-car displays are becoming larger and more colourful and scientists believe heads-up displays will become even more popular in the future. Drivers could also see increasing options that would allow them to change their displays, including having a separate passenger display, and proposed changes could eliminate air vents on the dash leaving more room for displaying information.

Robert Gelardi, a design manager for Ford Motor Co, said “Balancing entertainment options is what drivers want, particularly the increasing connectivity demands from the younger generation, while at the same time making sure that drivers are not too distracted as this could lead to an increased number of motor insurance claims. Younger drivers want to bring in their personal electronics and plug them in, to use in the car. In the future the car will be able to adapt to the driver.”

Manufacturers are expected to carry out extensive tests and the plan is to give buyers a choice of different interiors depending on what the driver needs. The industry is also focusing on eco-friendly and innovative materials for future interior design and how to balance the interior gadgetry drivers want in tomorrow’s vehicles while also trying to make the car more light-weight and thus more fuel-efficient.

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