Car Thieves Cashing in on DVLA Loophole

A DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) loophole means that vehicles can be scrapped without any proof of ownership being provided, leaving the process wide open to fraud. Anyone can claim a vehicle is theirs, contact a dismantling company, arrange for it to be collected and then receive cash for the scrap value of the vehicle.

Currently there is no need for any paperwork, such as a V5 registration document, and given the increase in the price of scrap metal, it is little wonder that more and more vehicles are rapidly disappearing from the roads of the United Kingdom.

George Harrison found out how easy it is when he returned from a two-week holiday and found his Ford Mondeo missing. He contacted the police who looked into it and found that according to the DVLA records the car had been scrapped while he was away. George was told by the DVLA that a Glasgow firm, IBP Vehicle Dismantlers, had registered the car’s scrapping. He has handed this information to the police who have promised to investigate.

George said: “The car was only worth about £1000, but it was mine. I am mad at myself because I did not even have motor insurance so I am unable make a claim. I’d had the chance of another vehicle and transferred my policy to that. I couldn’t afford to pay insurance for both of them. The law in relation to scrapping must be tightened up. It’s outrageous.”

IBP Vehicle Dismantlers confirmed that the person claiming to be the owner did not possess a V5 registration document and so they were asked to fill out a form with their contact details before they took the car. They are themselves shocked to hear the car was stolen and have handed over all the information they have and are fully cooperating with the police investigation.

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