Buyers Pay More for a Convertible Car in Spring and Summer

When the sun is shining in the UK it means one thing: convertible car season is in full swing. Owners will claim that there is nothing better than driving down a country lane with the sun beating down on their neck. However, waiting until the sun is out to buy one usually means the purchaser will be paying a premium price.

Research shows that anyone looking to snap up a convertible bargain will find spring and early summer is the worst period to go searching. This is simply down to an issue of supply and demand, and dealers will give a much smaller discount on brand convertibles in summer, as they have more drivers trying to buy them. Second-hand sellers also see increased demand and therefore have no reason to reduce the price. This means that the best advice is to hold out until the winter months when some decent savings can be made. The only downside to this is the fact that selection will be more limited in the winter months compared to the spring and summer.

According to research, the United Kingdom has the second largest convertible market throughout Europe. The research also found that 95% of convertible owners are already looking at motor insurance quotes for another convertible, while 68% are already on at least their second convertible car. The main reason given for buying a soft-top was to have the roof down on sunny days, with 79% listing it as the main reason for owning one.

Nathan Coe, group director of Auto Trader, said “Our love affair with convertibles shows no signs of diminishing, despite our unpredictable weather and tough economic conditions. This is evidenced by the fact that the UK is still the second largest convertible market in Europe. We have about 21,000 convertibles listed for sale each month by dealers, with an average price of £10,500.”

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