Bond cars make an appearance at Beaulieu

Motorists will be flocking to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu this week as some of the most iconic vehicles in the history of Film and TV go on show to the public.

Incredibly the museum has managed to bring together 50 vehicles that featured in the James Bond films that started to hit the screens around 50 years ago. Motor enthusiasts will be able to get a feel of the excitement of a Bond film as they explore cars they could never dream of owning and in some cases could hardly afford the price of the car insurance never mind the cost of the car.

Taking pride of place will be the Aston Martin DB5 that was driven by James Bond in many of the films, and it will be sporting the 007 JB number plate so synonymous with the cult hero secret service spy. Other star attractions will include the Lotus Esprit from the film The Spy Who Loved Me and the collection would not be the same without the gold Rolls Royce Phantom III driven by Auric Goldfinger in the film of the same name. It’s not only cars that feature, other “vehicles” used by Bond in the films are on show as well, such as a parachute, surfboard, jet ski and even the “Pig” used in the Living Daylights to smuggle a villain across the border.

It is a stroke of genius by the organisers at Beaulieu to have such an exhibition to celebrate 60 years of existence because it was just around the same time that Ian Fleming saw the first Bond novels go into print. Both have since become a national institution. The exhibition opens to the public from today and will remain in situ for the rest of 2012.

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