Big changes in driving tuition rules

Learner drivers will soon be having driving lessons alongside drivers on the UK’s motorways as big changes take place at the transport ministry.

A radical shake up of the rules surrounding driving instruction as been ushered in by new transport minister Mike Penning. The major difference in the new rules will see learner drivers taking instruction on motorways. It is a bid by the minister to cut down on the tragically high death rates of young drivers and will be introduced next year. Experts believe that inexperienced drivers are often caught out by the speed and volume of traffic when they first venture on to a motorway and are convinced that preparation while learning would stand them in good stead.

The training will not be a compulsory part of the driving test or tuition process as many drivers will not have access to a motorway but it is expected driving instructors in large conurbations will take advantage of the change. Mr Penning has decreed that only qualified driving instructors can take learners on the motorways and that is not all he has changed.

The answers to the theory part of the driving test will no longer be printed for all to see and trainee driving instructors will no longer be allowed to take lessons unless they have a qualified instructor with them. The minister said in future he wanted youngsters to be taught to drive rather than be taught to pass a test.

Although it is too early to say, experts believe the new rules should cut down on accidents and injuries which in turn should lower motor insurance quotes. There is no doubt that Mike Penning has wasted no time in making his presence felt in his new position.

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