Barton Needs More Car Parking as Number of Vehicles Grows

The demand for town centre parking in a Humberside town is growing as motor insurance providers report ever increasing claims in the town from minor accidents. Ann Clark, a member of Barton Town Council, has been contacted by a number of residents who are very concerned at the number of vehicles parking on the streets and she is eager to find a solution to congestion problems.

Barton town centre only has 105 free spaces in council owned car parks and Mrs Clark believes that a new car park is needed to relieve the congestion that has been getting worse as the town has grown. Drivers are parking up cars without giving consideration to passing traffic or residents, and as a result minor accidents and scrapes are becoming frustratingly common.

Ann has raised the issue at Barton Town Council and has been given support from the town’s MP, Martin Vickers, along with local traders. Now she wants to draw up a plan to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. The reality of the idea does, however, depend entirely on identifying a site. The easiest solution would be to use council land, but it has to be a suitable location. Barton is fortunate that they have always had free parking, a fact that the town is very proud of.

Mrs Clark said: “The town centre is becoming very congested, and because Barton is always growing we need to make plans for the increasing number of vehicles. The town is not providing the necessary facilities to accommodate more people, and it is starting to become a big problem. The streets were built many years ago, and do not have the capability for two-way traffic as well as rows of parked cars. We need to find a suitable location in the town centre, and if we have the financial capability we can hopefully develop plans to build a new car park.”

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