Female drink drivers need better help

New research on female drink driving has revealed that the offenders are quite often older than their male counterparts, have had a better education and are more than likely divorced. Academics at Nottingham took into account data from throughout the world and now want more effective treatment which targets this demographic.
The research also found out that existing rehabilitation programmes for females are inducing feelings of shame and guilt which only increases the risk of re-offending. During the investigation it was also revealed that female drink-drivers […]

Brand new law will affect everyone who owns a vehicle

New rules introduced in the UK this week will require the registered keeper of any vehicle to have continuous insurance. Failure to do so will result in penalties which range from a fine, to prosecution through the courts.
Anyone who owns a vehicle which has not been insured must either search for motor vehicle insurance before registering the car or declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) with the DVLA. Non compliance will be quickly traced by the DVLA thanks to a link with the Motor […]

Council workers take over street parking

Residents in Derby are fuming as council workers looking for free parking are making their lives a misery. The council staff are taking over local streets close to Council Depots by parking outside resident’s homes and then going to work.
The topic was brought up by residents at a meeting with the council officials seven months ago but since then nothing has happened. One serious aspect of the problem is that resident have to walk in the road as vehicles are blocking the pavements. In all […]

Motorists shocked to receive driving fines in the post

Angry motorists have been shocked to receive motoring fines after falling victim to changes made to the hours they are allowed to drive in Reading town centre. Regular users of the road have been receiving the unwanted surprises which will cost them £60 each after they were caught driving along the roads totally unaware the rules had been changed.
Possibly hundreds of motorists have been caught out by the change in rules. The hours were changed on the 18th April when the new town centre traffic […]

Drunk nine year old caught driving a stolen car

A boy aged just nine was apprehended in Cumbria this week for driving offences. The boy, who is too young to be prosecuted by the police for a criminal offence, was arrested in Cumbria for being drunk behind the wheel. The shocking fact is that the boy is only one of hundreds of underage drivers who commit offences on the roads of the UK every week.
He was breathalysed at the scene and when he failed the test was then taken to the police station where […]

Drivers urged to not lose concentration while driving

There has been a worrying 9% increase in the number of rear bumper crashes during the past twelve months. This has resulted in higher premiums for drivers looking for motor insurance quotes. The increase now means this kind of incident now accounts for a quarter of all car insurance claims made.
New research has been released which shows over 400,000 crashes were caused by motorists going into the back of another car, costing the insurance industry nearly £2 billion in whiplash claims alone. This cost is […]

Police make fifteen arrests in connection with vehicle thefts

Greater Manchester Police have made fifteen arrests following an investigation into the sale of stolen cars through vehicle trading websites. The cars were sold to innocent buyers, sometimes within hours of being stolen.
The police targeted twenty five addresses in Rochdale and Tameside and arrested seven men and eight women aged between 25 and 40 on suspicion of conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to launder the money made from the thefts. They remain in custody for questioning after the police were granted […]

Council and Schools ask parents to have a car free day

The ongoing tensions between parents and angry neighbours have resulted in a campaign to ban vehicles from the school run in Rayleigh. The move comes after one parents vehicle was attacked by an irate neighbour near to the school earlier this year.
The council has worked with seven schools in the area, plus two more nearby to oversee the car free day next week. Relations between parents and residents have become fraught as dozens of vehicles arrive each morning and afternoon to drop off and pick […]

Police take tough stance on anti-social drivers

A Scottish police force are assuring members of the public that they will not allow anti-social motorists to ruin the lives of law abiding citizens, as they crack down on rogue drivers. Forfar Community Council was given an update on the policing issues regarding anti-social driving during their latest meeting, where the local police force revealed they had seized 32 vehicles as part of the ongoing operation.
The behaviour of some motorists in one local area is constantly raised at community council meetings, with the antics […]

Parking meters not ready for change

Motoring organisations across the country are reporting that members are inundating them with complaints about local authorities making money out of drivers by installing no change parking meters.
The plight of drivers in the Lancashire town of Preston is typical of what motorists across the UK are experiencing. According to figures gained by a local paper on a freedom of information request, Preston council makes £4,500 solely by the installation of parking meters that do not give change to drivers. Four car parks in the town […]