All drivers over 55 need to focus on their eyes

New research released has uncovered the potential risk to the United Kingdom’s road safety posed by Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
AMD is the United Kingdom’s leading cause of blindness. And it affects people who are aged 55 and over. The symptoms of AMD are very often taken as part of getting older, which means people are on the roads without knowing the risk to themselves and other drivers. When getting a motor insurance quote it would never cross anyone’s mind that they may be hit by […]

Ferrari preview APERTA ahead of major show

In a move that has surprised motoring journalists around the globe, world famous car manufacturer Ferrari has unveiled its new model just a week before the Paris Motor Show.
The new model honours the contribution of the Pininfarina family to Ferrari and is called the SA APERTA. The SA representing Sergio and Andrea, the forenames of the father and son team who have an 80 year association with the famous name.
There are to be just 80 models made of the roadster which is based on the […]

Car production soars in August

In a timely boost for the motor industry a leading motor trade organisation has released figures that show car production is on the up.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has released figures showing that in contrast to car sales in August, which saw a big dip, car production has increased by 37% compared to August 2009. In all almost 80,000 vehicles were produced in the UK last month, giving a 41% increase in year on year comparisons with 2009. The big hope now […]

Hospital car park is using too many spaces

Bosses at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital are going to ask planners to lift a restriction on the number of car parking spaces that can be used.
The hospital has breached the rules set out in its planning permission by making 1,812 of its 2,041 parking spaces available to staff, patients, and visitors. The hospital trust say that even though they are in breach of the rules, the number of spaces currently available is still not enough for staff and patients, some are still finding it […]

Big Brother fears increase as drivers asked to be human spy cams

The police are asking drivers to be on the lookout for poor driving in what is being called a worrying new extension of the Big Brother syndrome.
Motorists are being told to look out for any inconsiderate drivers or anyone making excessive noise with a vehicle. The details of any reports will be submitted to police who will log the information on a computer database. But critics say this can make it easy for anyone to make a malicious accusation against someone they do not like.  […]

Crackdown on noisy exhausts

It is a sound that makes a lot of people very annoyed, and in Wales both the originator of the noise, and the complaints about it is on the increase. It is of course the sound of a modified exhaust fitted to a car.
The exhaust makes a vehicle constantly sound as if it is racing along at 70 mph when in truth it is only travelling at 30 mph. Complaints have been rising to a point where the police now consider it an anti-social act. […]